I'm losing my mind . . .

. . . or at least forgetting it. In the last few weeks I've forgotten: Ellie - at the kindergarten playground.


You think my lesson would've been learned after the first unfortunate incident. But she's so quiet and self-entertaining - it's easy to forget that she's playing after Jack's lined up and filed into class with his teacher. The first time I was walking back to the car with Sketch under my arm (it may look odd, but I think he's really quite comfortable that way.) I saw a woman pushing a baby in a stroller while holding her toddler's hand. What goes through my mind? Ahh . . . I'm so glad I have only one.



I turn around and race back to the playground only to find Ellie happily climbing up to the slide. She didn't even notice the school yard had emptied. No harm, no foul - right? So how could I do it again? Shouldn't my motherly instincts have kicked in a little stronger after I almost accidentally abandoned my child? I guess sleep deprivation continues to work its malevolent magic and rear its ugly head.

The second time I wasn't even rescued by the site of another woman with her children. No, instead I needed to be asked by a friend where my sweet little Ellie was . . . as I walked farther and father away from the school. Obviously not with me. I'm not taking chances anymore.

Now I just drop Jack at the curb and hope he finds his way to class. He's six - more than old enough to fend for himself once on school grounds. I'm keeping Ellie buckled in her carseat, safely away from the black hole that the kindergarten playground creates in my head. Jack's Jog-a-Thon - Every year the school holds one really big fundraiser - a Jog-a-Thon. The kids ask for donations from friends and family then spend a day running laps around the school field. It's a huge deal, both to the kids, and to the PTA. This events costs very little to put on (unless you consider man hours) and brings in around 40K, sufficient enough to make wrapping paper and cookie dough sales unnecessary. Jack was so excited, spending the weeks prior running laps around the field at Addy's soccer practices. The kids in his class were going to have special green t-shirts to wear and a brand new water bottle with their own name on it. There would be a DJ and lots of cheering parents - all kinds of hype and commotion most appreciated by sweaty little kids. The morning of Addy was wearing jeans and sneakers. I told her to change - she needed to wear shorts and her running shoes. Didn't she remember it was the Jog-a-Thon? She left for school and I went back to bed. Jack was having breakfast and playing with Ellie. I knew I'd be up in time for him to have lunch and pack his bag for school. And I was.

No big deal - until we headed out to the car at 11am. Then it hit me like a ton of feathers. Jack was supposed to be to school early, really early - the Ks were running at 9am.

Jack had missed the Jog-a-Thon! I about fell on the ground in disbelief. I called him back from the car and told him the horrible news.

He cried.

And cried.

And I didn't blame him, or even tell him to stop. I wanted to curl up and pretend the day hadn't started yet. Do-over! I need a do-over here!!! Although I thought about skipping the rest of the school day (his class was getting out at 11:40am) I decided I needed to suck it up and take him. Better face the humiliation head on than have to write a little white-lie excuse note the next day. Jack got his personalized water bottle and his pizza at snack time. The school got their $41 per diem for his attendance. And the PTA still got a very generous donation. Addy - has entered the PTA Reflections art contest three times now. She loves to draw, and create, and craft, and build, and photograph, and . . . you get the picture. Some of her teachers have required entry as an assignment, and although this year was optional, Addy opted to participate. Procrastination is still second nature for Addy, and while she planned for two entries - one in photography and one in visual arts - the night-before rolled around and the only progress made was about a dozen 4x8 photo prints. For simplification (and to ensure a reasonable bedtime) I recommended she make a photographic collage for the visual arts entry.

Smashing idea! Snip, snip here . . . glue, glue there . . voila! It's done. Now go to bed.

This past Monday evening was the school Reflections awards ceremony. Each participant receives a ribbon and 1st-3rd place designations are made in each category. While we've never gone before, I felt like I should be supportive and attend with Addy. But to hike all the way to the school, on family night, when Nate might not even be home, in the middle of dinner time, when the kids all need to go to bed . . . So I forgot.

It's ok - so did Addy. I didn't even feel bad. At least not until the next morning, when I got a call from the Reflections coordinator. Addy won 1st place in the visual arts category.

And we weren't there.

And she didn't get her due recognition.

Or even congratulations . . . Horrible, horrible mother. Do you think I qualify for the top of the brain transplant list since mine is obviously damaged, possibly beyond repair?


jhmorris said...

Thanks for helping me feel validated. I frequently forget a ton of things, just like those. At least you have an excuse (new baby)!

Kenny and Linsey said...

I think your brain is supposed to be addled for 6 months after each baby, I think.

Nicole said...

I needed a laugh tonight and thought, "whose blog can I visit for a little chuckle?" or course you came through as always. You are a captivating writer. We all have those mommy sleep deprived moments. We had our Jog-a-thon today too. Hot hot!!

abm said...

I think remembering EVERYTHING is overrated. Really, all I need to remember is: to turn off the car, shut the doors, feed the kids, and make sure everyone is accounted for before bedtime. Everything else is just "stuff". Okay, so I tell myself this to make myself feel better.