Addy the economist?

Gas prices in our part of California peaked at $4.59/ga the weekend Sketch was born (mid June). Since then my pocketbook, like much of the country's, has enjoyed the slow but steady reduction in gas money hemorrhage.

A few weeks ago I was driving with Addy and the following short conversation ensued:

ME: Wow, gas prices have dropped about a penny a day since Sketch was born.

ADDY: That's a bad thing.

ME: Why? (I don't necessarily disagree with her, but I wanted to know her reasoning.)

ADDY: Because then people will buy more.

It seems that already Addy understands more about supply and demand than many elected officials. I couldn't be more proud . . .

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nana mary said...

Addy is always ahead of the game.
She is obviously a brilliant child.