Dear Mom and Dad

Feb. 8, 2011

I love you when you help me when I have a cold. I love you hug me because it fills me with complete joy. Your more valuable than anything in the entire universe. Your eyes shine like brilliant stars in the night. Your my favorite parents in the whole world. I would not even give you up for one-zillion dollars. If you would die, I would die just like a bird would mate for life. When you hug me with love, your arms are softer than anything in the universe. Your love is longer than the solar systom. I love how you make me smile and how to make me laugh. I love you to infinity and beyond. Mom, you are more gorgeous than a star. Dad, you are more tough than a planet. Your especially the parents for me. You fill me joy and love. Thanks for teaching me to ride a bike. You are always welcome to my heart. You are more fragile than glass to me. You make magic every day. Stampedes of love run in my mind whenever and wherever you hug me. Whenever at night that I am frightened you let me sleep in you bed and makes me happy and loveing. You are very important to my life. Mom, you are the queen of love. Dad, you are the king of laughter and joy. You are like a cup of hot chocolate, your love always keeps me warm and filled with love. You two are my special Valentines. Thank you for teaching me the proper way to act. Thank you for teaching me how to love and for giving me life. Thank you for your love, devotion, courage, patience and forgiveness. I cherish you both with all my heart. When we are together, my heart bursts inside and I overflow with gladness and pride. You are a gift to me. Kisses like roses, hugs like a bear, make me realize, you'll always be there. You'll always be mine and be my Valentine. Happy Valentine's Day Mom and Dad!

Your son,


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Angela at Adventures in Self-Reliance has moved and renamed her blog. She can now be found at FoodStorageandSurvival.

If you're looking for a down-to-earth approach and lots of creative ideas and useful tips for preparing your family for disaster (be it large-scale or of the more personal nature) then FoodStorageandSurvival is a great resource.

Oh, and don't let me forget about the giveaway she's running right now. Lots of great stuff to be had.