Where in the world? Revealed!

Remember this post? The answer is Cabazon, CA.

The view up from the base of the T-Rex.

See those itty bitty people sitting on Rex's toe? That's my people:)


My Garden

My garden (like my blog) has been sadly neglected for the past year or so. It's hard to stay motivated when once happy tomato plants become gnawing posts for unknown vermin.

But returning to a familiar pastime does have its rewards. These baby grapes were hiding behind a leaf when I was out watering this evening.

Who knows? Maybe a blogging revival will reap another kind of fruit of my labor . . . oh bleghck! That's more sap than I can stomach.

The 1st Rule of Fight Club

I think a little purple eyeliner becomes me.

I had some of you going there, huh? Come on, admit it. I'm sure you remember my excessive bruises and broken toes back in the Red Raider days. You're thinking I was running my soap-box mouth to the wrong person and finally got what was coming to me. The truth is hardly that sensational. This violence was self-inflicted during the latest of my hazardous domestic goddess pursuits. I guess a superpail in the face is a decent price to pay when it means I end up with a new food storage pantry that looks like this:

Totally worth it. Even if I do end up with a scar.

Here's an soap-box afterthought: Notice the lack of stitches? This wound-closure was brought to you by a Band-Aid Single Step Liquid Bandage swab and a butterfly bandage. Total cost? About $1. No one can accuse me of over-consumption of health care, leading to the escalating cost of medical services.


Out of the great state of Maryland

came Thing 1. And from Thing 1 came a 5th Grade State Project, a mini float in the spirit of the Rose Parade. Addy highlighted the Baltimore Inner Harbor, complete with the National Aquarium, a few tall ships, and a buzzing Navy jet.

She also paid homage to Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" and the most delicious Chesapeake Blue Crab. I've yet to figure out how the raven managed to cook the crab.

Dad, I think we've been robbed.

Jack went to bed having seen this:

And woke to find this:

What he didn't notice was that this:

Had become this:
Cool, huh?


Would someone explain to me what they were thinking when the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston decided to put this on the lawn outside their entrance? Frankly, it's just creepy.

I got your camera!!

And I know how to use it! Well, kind of.

The baby days are done

Nothings works faster to age a Thing than a first haircut. Nate would prefer to wait until they're 2 years old, but with Jack I could only hold out until he was 18 months. After a day with multiple old ladies commenting on my cute little girl I demanded that Nate whip out the clippers. I guess long hair and cute neck-hugging curls are more acceptable in California, considering Sketch will be 2 on Saturday and I've only had one comment thus far. By a man in my ward, no less.

The only way I could figure to keep Thing 4 restrained was in his high chair.

Some day he'll hate me for letting the curls get so long . . .

Amy's a pro with the clippers. The mini M&Ms were her idea. They worked great until the chocolate melted and mixed with the hair clippings. Then it was just gross.

Time for a "shauie" to clean off the hair and the chocolate. My baby boy is now a little boy.

And the curls are gone. Funny how that little change changes everything.