The 1st Rule of Fight Club

I think a little purple eyeliner becomes me.

I had some of you going there, huh? Come on, admit it. I'm sure you remember my excessive bruises and broken toes back in the Red Raider days. You're thinking I was running my soap-box mouth to the wrong person and finally got what was coming to me. The truth is hardly that sensational. This violence was self-inflicted during the latest of my hazardous domestic goddess pursuits. I guess a superpail in the face is a decent price to pay when it means I end up with a new food storage pantry that looks like this:

Totally worth it. Even if I do end up with a scar.

Here's an soap-box afterthought: Notice the lack of stitches? This wound-closure was brought to you by a Band-Aid Single Step Liquid Bandage swab and a butterfly bandage. Total cost? About $1. No one can accuse me of over-consumption of health care, leading to the escalating cost of medical services.


Linsey said...

Nice shiner. But, totally worth it for such a beautiful food storage space. Sacrifices, sacrifices.

natalie said...

Oh you constantly amuse me and entertain me with your writing. I'm impressed with the storage shelf. Really impressed! I self-inflicted a broken nose and now have a scar between my eyes by shutting my van door on my face. Nothing nearly as productive as your wound.

We need to get together. A year has gone by - totally pathetic.