The baby days are done

Nothings works faster to age a Thing than a first haircut. Nate would prefer to wait until they're 2 years old, but with Jack I could only hold out until he was 18 months. After a day with multiple old ladies commenting on my cute little girl I demanded that Nate whip out the clippers. I guess long hair and cute neck-hugging curls are more acceptable in California, considering Sketch will be 2 on Saturday and I've only had one comment thus far. By a man in my ward, no less.

The only way I could figure to keep Thing 4 restrained was in his high chair.

Some day he'll hate me for letting the curls get so long . . .

Amy's a pro with the clippers. The mini M&Ms were her idea. They worked great until the chocolate melted and mixed with the hair clippings. Then it was just gross.

Time for a "shauie" to clean off the hair and the chocolate. My baby boy is now a little boy.

And the curls are gone. Funny how that little change changes everything.

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Chelle said...

I've been wondering how he looks with short hair & he does look totally different! He's still so cute, but he does look older! Awww! Cant' wait to see him in person :)