Hardly a Christmas song

Things 1 & 2 taught Ellie a new song. There's just something about a sweet 3 year old, wearing plastic heels and a Cinderella dress, softly singing of death and body disposal that is so disturbing (and very entertaining) . . .

FYI - Addy's words are a little different: *substitute "world" for "earth", **substitute "potty" for "toilet". I chose, however, to use Ellie's personal interpretation instead - strangely enough, it's funnier.

Joy to the earth*, Barney's dead
We chopped of his head
Don't worry 'bout the body
We flushed it down the toilet**
And round and round it goes
And round and round it goes
Joy, joy to the earth*
(sung to the tune of Joy to the World)

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Kenny and Linsey said...

I'm laughing too hard over this -- I must be exhausted, or maybe this is really just that funny -- I just see a big purple head going around and around and around...