Pumpkin Carvin'

I love Henry's Farmers Market (really, it's a grocery store chain). 2 for 1 pumpkins available 2 weeks before Halloween makes for a fabulous family night. Nate picked them up on his way home from work Friday and kept them in his car until the grand reveal on Saturday afternoon. There's nothing like pumpkins on the coffee table to encourge good behavior and incite chore completion.

Saturday's child labor went well into the late afternoon (blame it on yard work and garden prep) and after dinner and baths there was only time for jack-o-lantern face drawing. The actual cutting, scooping, and carving waited until Sunday afternoon.

More scooping and some carving.

Oops, Skech's jack-o-lantern had a little spit-up.

Freshly bathed children make me smile too.

Spooky faces - although not exactly nightmare inducing.

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Kenny and Linsey said...

being overseas for the holidays is a real bummer -- looks like such a fun time and your pumpkins are fab!