Election year saturation

I'm so done.

I didn't bother to watch the last Presidential debate last night (not that I watched any of the others). I hang up on any automated telephone call/message that promotes a candidate or ballot proposition (not that I listened to them before). I walk by political volunteers camped outside the grocery store (not that I'm planning on registering to vote as a Democrat). I don't read the signs, I throw away the fliers, I ignore the commercials . . . and I don't feel guilty at all.

Why? Well, because:
One thing California does right is the availability of permanent "vote-by-mail" status. It's like an absentee ballot, but I don't have to request one for every election. I filled my ballot out, dropped it in the mail - and now I get to pretend that all this hullabaloo is done and over with. At least until next time . . .

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Kenny and Linsey said...

here's to doing your civic duty and wishing everyone else would vote early too so the commentary and commercials and predictions and "magic" maps and pundits would just go away - 12 days and counting