Damage and devastation

Fall means Primary Presentation time, and for a new presidency that means lots of meetings. Because I'm the only member of the presidency with a baby, everyone has agreed to come to my house for our meetings. Ellie doesn't love when my time and attention are pulled away from her, so I've tried to plan ahead, ready with special toys, movies, and snacks to keep her busy and out of our hair while we plan and prepare.

Last week was a short meeting to finalize our program and to start planning for the holiday season. One of the other presidency members brought her kindergartner and his friend over to play while we met - he was out of school early because of a field trip. Ellie was so excited to have friends to play with, and I was glad to have a reprieve from her intermittent requests.

Alas, playtime turned violent, as I discovered after everyone had gone and cleanup was underway. This was only a portion of the carnage:

Addy was devastated, appropriately so, since all the dolls belonged to her. She had a melt-down, complete with wailing and gnashing of teeth. Her reaction was excessive, considering she rarely plays with dolls anymore. The next morning I woke and found further, but more understated venting:

She's learning to control her emotions a little better, but now we need to work on spelling.


nana mary said...

I have so enjoyed this post that it was a must read for Papa.
Everyone needs a little laughter in their day...

Addy~I have a special potion to restore Barbie :)

Liisa said...

One of my FAVORITE blog posts I've read in a long time! Love it.

merathon said...

that was hilarious!

also, i love the "no new costumes" rule. i had grand visions about a month ago about MAKING some great costumes this year, but with a 3 month old, that's all it turned out to be-- visions. we are going to be re-using and re-purposing this year as well!

i love the picture with the kids and the glowing pumpkins!