2 years later

and we're still in the same place. Same state, same city, same job, same ward, same house. This is a major milestone for us, considering that prior to Mission Viejo, CA, the longest we've lived in any one place since we've been married is 23 months. That was at our second address while we were finishing college (our first place was in Provo). Since then we've lived in:
Towson, MD - 13 months
Stevenson Ranch, CA - 11 months
Valencia, CA - 3 months
Johnstown, PA - 7 months (1 house, 1 extended stay)
Mission, TX - 11 months (1 house, 1 extended stay)
Boston, MA (2 apartments) - 22 months
Winston-Salem, NC - 3 months (Nate only)
Advance, NC - 13 months
Lake Forest, CA - 3 months (Nate only - extended stay)

not to mention the multitude of mini move-ins with Nate's family in Orem, UT when relocation timing created complications (THANK YOU!!).

Yes, I've been asked if we are fugitives from the law or in the WITSEC program (Mary McCormack is so sassy on "In Plain Sight"). No on both accounts. Nate and I have just looked at each move as an adventure, an opportunity to expand our horizons - with some locations definitely more palatable than others.

Now I feel like that's all come to a screeching halt. Moving gets in your blood and I'm a little unsettled that I'm not currently purging crap to lighten the load for our next relo. In fact, I can't even foresee our next move. I'm not sure I like the idea of putting down roots. Really, I'm not a tree. And no, I'm not like a bird, but I'm not convinced that southern California is as good as it gets. What if there's a better place out there, one that is yet to be discovered? And what if we never get that chance to discover it? Seriously, I'm starting to lose sleep over it.


Kenny and Linsey said...

I knew you moved a lot, A LOT. But seeing it in print like that. I'm glad your marriage is rock solid!

jhmorris said...

I'm starting to get the itch as well, since we're approaching 28 months in our home here in TX... the longest we've lived anywhere is 30 months. So where do you want to go? Foreign?

Cecily said...

I'd love to go foreign, at least if we have a chance before Addy gets into high school! I'm thinking Buenos Aires or Prague or Budapest. Now we just need a financially viable reason to go.

merathon said...

so cal though? i'd have to say it's pretty darn good. i'd move there in a sec if it wasn't so dang pricey to buy a house!

nana mary said...

You may move as long as it is closer to Utah :)