Halloween came early

We're skipping Halloween this year and going camping instead. The kids are thrilled with the idea of a camping trip, but less than pleased that we'll miss trick-or-treating. As a compromise, I bribed them with tickets to Mickey's Trick-or-Treat Party at California Adventure. Courtney and her kids flew in the day of, so we spent the afternoon putting costumes together. I declared, "NO NEW COSTUMES!" and so we got creative with the Halloween and dress-up boxes.

Addy wore my bat costume from Halloween 2003. Anyone who knows the story of that costume need not share it with anyone else.
Mikey wore Addy's ninja costume from last year.
Minami wore Addy's corpse bride costume from 2006 sans wig and veil.
Jack wore his own skeleton costume from 2005. Strangely enough, it still fits.
Ellie wore her Cinderella dress-up, along with witch accessories from the Halloween box. I convinced her that even princesses need Halloween costumes.
Franklin wore our standard "first Halloween" costume - a jack-o-lantern.
Courtney loved my spider witch hat enough that she bought all the parts to make one for herself.

Any guesses as to Nate's costume?*

This candy corn was just the beginning of what proved to be an avalanche of sugar. Maybe next year I'll forgo buying candy to hand out and instead just re-gift all the Disney candy we receive (after removing a hearty chocolate tax, of course.)

The kiddie rides make Jack happy, Nate growl, . . .

. . . and Ellie so very, very sad. Just 2" can make all the difference at Disneyland.

*Nate was pleased with his low-involvement costume this year - an aircraft carrier.


Pepper said...

Oh how fun! I can't wait till Mimi is bigger so we can go to Disneyland. Abby is dying to go.

Have fun camping. We are faux camping the night after Halloween in a friends huge yard, having a bonfire and everything. It should be a blast.

Amber DeGraw said...

That looks like so much fun. We are going to be at DisneyWorld for Halloween and the kids are really excited!