Camping at Refugio

Our foray into the wilderness was most invigorating (exhausting). The weather was beautiful (rainy). The clear air was crisp and refreshing (cold). The troops were helpful and cooperative (whiny).

Camp activities included:

hornet sting first-aid,

sand castle sculpting,

child burying,

squirrel tail removal (I don't think the squirrel was permanently damaged when a portion of its tail was ripped off, but maybe now it will think twice before coming so close to little boys),

tandem swinging,

emergency rain shelter construction,

shallow water swimming,

gourmet corn popping,

artificial heightening,

sea weeding,

stump sitting,

. . . and sand printing.

A return to civilization- Santa Barbara's State Street McDonald's has no drive-thru. Sure, it has a plaque commemorating the invention of the egg McMuffin, but you if want one you'll have to order it at the counter. We were muddy and smelly and most certainly surrounded by a hovering cloud of grime. Of course it would have to be the most impeccably clean MickeyD's I've ever seen. The employee on housekeeping duty kept eyeing us with anticipatory disdain. Two words? Job security.


Lauren, Joe, and Sido said...

Looks like you had lots of fun.

Kenny and Linsey said...

Do you also have a rash guard to match the rest of your crew? What a nice way to spend some quality family time.

abm said...

I think it's now time for a "vacation". After family "trips", I always think moms deserve a nice relaxing vacation.

Lauren, Joe, and Sido said...

Why does Jack have a squirrel tail? You didn't eat the rest of it? Right?