Thanksgiving, Kindergarten style

The 32nd Annual De Portola Elementary Kindergarten Thanksgiving play was a smashing success! Thing 2 made for a convincining indian brave. He sung, he spoke, he danced.

Looks to me like Los Del Rio ripped off the Macarena dance from the Wompanoag.

The kids each made their own costumes in class - FINALLY an assignment that your mother didn't have to help put together.

The budding thespian and his biggest fan were more enthralled by the blow-up turkey.

The week of festivities wouldn't be complete without a traditional Thanksgiving feast, costumes required (again, no mom assistance necessary.)

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Linsey said...

I should have come here sooner, I've been trying to find a pilgrim hat pattern everywhere that didn't use a paper plate.

Hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving.