Where the freeway ends

After a harrowing couple of days, one of which included cross-pacific travel with 4 Things, I'm finally back in Hawaii.

The air is warm and salty.

The sky is blue, heavy with clouds.

The beach (and the myna birds) calls to me.

Decompression commence.


Kahanu said...

I'm jealous and homesick now!! :) Hope you have great time!

The Trotter Family said...

I'm jealous! Make sure to have some Matsumoto's for me and maybe hit that little Korean joint in Wahiawa for some Chicken Katsu. I miss Hawaiian food!

Lindsey said...

I wish I was there! When are you guys coming for a Utah visit? We've been thinking we may bring the kids out in the fall to see you guys and do a Disneyland trip. Congrats to Addy on the yellow belt. I need to see some of those moves! Enjoy your vacation!