The middle - Day 8

On Thursday we checked into our campsite at Malaekahana.

Our yurt from the outside . . .

. . . and the inside. The grownups and Thing 4 got to sleep in here.

The simple little grass shack. The boys (including Darren) got this one the first night.

Our other little grass shack - the really cool one with a front porch.

Inside the shack - I'm not sure what the massage table is for. The girls (including Courtney) were in here the first night.

The view from the porch. This is beachfront living at its cheapest, i.e. no amenities.

The boys are thrilled to be at the beach.

Fresh fish for dinner, complements of a random spear fisherman with too many to take home.

Don't let Grammie fool you. Hawaii doesn't really get cold at night.

This camping trip was all about simplification - even with the S'mores.

Dark fell and crab-hunting on the beach commenced. It took a little while before the Things 1 & 2 were comfortable with scooping handfuls of crab out of the sand - maybe crabs are too reminiscent of spiders. Thing 3's shrieks were enough to send all the crabs back into their holes.

Darren had no problem handling the creepy crawlers.

All are alive, sandy, and ready for bed.

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