The day could have been worse . . .

. . . especially if the matches Things 1 & 2 were playing with had ignited and burned down the house.

Nate was site-seeing so Grammie had to go Joan Crawford on Things 1 & 2 and their cousins.

In other news:

Thing 1 (almost 10 years old) fell to the ground and cried when told she couldn't ride a skateboard without putting a helmet on first. Will the drama never end?

Thing 2 fell off the bike he was riding, removing skin from his knee and big toe. All the parentals' neighbors were witness to his girly screams.

Thing 3 has double earaches and a body-wracking cough. I suspect being confined for 6 hours at 30,000 ft. tomorrow night will be an exercise in crisis management.

Thing 4 has blisters on both cheeks (and an on-again, off-again fever) because an abundance of adults leads to inaccurate assumptions about sunscreen. He's grumpy right now, understandably so.

At last the day is over . . .

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Sue Coe said...

Trouble in paradise? Guess it's time to come back to the OC . . . ! (Maybe they'll SLEEP on the trip back)