Not again . . .

Three years ago Thing 1 came home from 1st grade with a note from the school nurse. She recommended Addy see an optometrist. While Nate had also suspected that Addy's vision was impaired, the slew of pediatricians she has seen over the first 6 years of her life had each insisted her eyes were fine. The optometrist disagreed. She diagnosed Addy with moderate amblyopia and prescribed a strong prescription to stave off the potential need for chemical or physical eye patching.

Since that time Addy has had 5 pairs of glasses.

The first pair, while super cute (with a miniature Ariel on the each of the temples), required frequent trips to the optician to have a lens put back in the frame. Weekly trips. That pair was replaced as quickly as allowable by insurance reimbursement.

The second pair was more grown up. Stylish and expensive. They would have lasted a while, except Addy chose to scratch the lens with a sharp implement in a fit of anger and frustration (we think.) We've yet to figure out exactly how she did it.

The third pair included photo chromatic lenses - those geeky lenses that darken in sunlight. Addy had been complaining that everyone else got to wear sunglasses and she didn't because she had to wear regular glasses. Squeaky wheel. That pair of glasses was victim of a faceplant during PE at school. Polycarbonate lenses really hold onto embedded asphalt.

The fourth pair were identical to the third pair. We liked them that well. Unfortunately quality control was an issue. The bridge failed. At least Costco optical offered to replace them free of charge.

Unfortunately the fifth pair wasn't identical to the third and fourth. By that time the manufacturer had quit making the frames. Can't imagine why. Instead pair #5 are real grownup glasses, as Costco only carries 5 kids' frames and none of them lived up to Thing 1's discriminating tastes.

All that in just 3 years.

Then I come home from book club to find this taped to the front door:

For now pair 5 is being held together by a twisted paperclip. Pair #6 will come along once these are made in her size.


Pepper said...

Oh my gosh, her note cracked me up. Glasses are so hard to keep intact. Can't imagine you could be too hard on her after reading that note. :)

nan said...

Brian and I are dying at this entry. Tears are streaming down my face from laughing so hard. Addy has really nice handwriting! I hope she doesn't die from blindness. This comment alone makes you realize that KIDS ARE WORTH IT. Thanks again for the entertainment (even if it isn't meant to be). How do I get your phone number? We are heading to Disneyland on Thursday for Ava's b-day. We decided to get a season pass. Would love to meet up and go with your family this summer.