Earth Day

Rah rah rah . . . yeah, whatever. The environmentally altruistic may "save the earth" out of the goodness of their hearts, but I still believe financial motivations are the easiest way to promote behavioral change.

Regardless, every holiday deserves a party when you're in Kindergarten. Thing 2's class celebrated by parading around the school in "trash hats".

Umm . . . creative?

While I didn't see any of the other kids' hats, I think the one I made was the best - milk jug, yogurt cups, shredded newspaper. Thing 2 ended up looking like this guy:

Come to think of it, Thing 2 usually acts quite a bit like this guy. Coincidence?

Cute as he is, when it comes to the 3 Rs I think I'd prefer to make a habit of recycling, instead of reusing.

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