Hot Hot Hot

Today has proven to be an uncomfortable reminder that summer is just around the corner. Right now weather.com says the temperature outside is 99 degrees. And it's 4:50pm. And my car has been parked out on the driveway because the garage is still littered with plastic floor remnants, boxes the plastic floor came packed in, carpet, carpet pad, miscellaneous tools, and MDF scraps.

And that means my dashboard can now substitute for my cooktop at dinnertime.

Too bad today was piano lesson day. Poor Things. We waited in the car outside the home where Addy takes lessons. I did find a shady spot to park, but Sketch wasted no time in letting me know that he prefers to spend his afternoons in an environment less like a convection oven.

The Things spent the half-hour climbing all over the car while I sat and played "Bejeweled" on my cell phone. Flashback to high school. Although the technology (and the radio station) was different, the rest was a nostalgic throwback - the heat, the humidity, the searing breeze, the sweat dripping off the back of my neck . . . let's just say it wasn't the most pleasant of memories. At least I now have a car with engine-powered AC, instead of an open window and a 25 mph windburn.

Maybe living on the "mainland" has made me a wuss. Although I remember the days where I found no discontent in sweat-drenched clingy clothes and blazing sunshine, I long to not have to repeat them. You may think that's why I live in Southern California.

72 degrees year round, right? Just like the "Real Housewives of Orange County" is an accurate sampling of the women that live in this area.

Uh huh.

That's exactly what the California tourism (and taxation) board would have you believe. How else would they draw ignorant and unsuspecting visitors (and residents) to our lovely state? It sure isn't with outstanding infrastructure, efficient government, and affordable real estate.

Reality is, we have furnaces and AC units for a reason. The winters can get cold, and the summers can get hot. And vise versa.

I just wish wall and attic insulation had been as high a priority for the guy that built my house 4o years ago.


the 2nd tallest tree said...

You know, I'm beginning to think wall and attic insulation is still not a high priority, at least I don't think it was for the builder of our 4 year old house.

The Trotter Family said...

It was a hot day, but it was just one day...sounds like you are not a warm weather person. How did you survive Hawaii?