A good friend is gone

I finished the 2 hour series finale of ER just a few minutes ago - it's only taken 3 days to get through. I guess I wanted to drag it out as long as possible. But the Things are tired of the "doctor show" and want to watch one of their own kid shows. And so now I commemorate this momentous occasion with a blog post.

I'm a little teary-eyed. Don't laugh. I've known and loved ER for almost 15 years - longer than I've known and loved Nate. It's been a reliable 10/9c anchor to my Thursday evenings - at least since the time-suck that was college ended and before my initiation into the liberating world of DVR.

Now I say goodbye to Tony Gates, Neela Rasgotra, Sam Taggart, Archie Morris (who knew a red-headed white boy could sing like that), and all the others. You are gone - lost forever - only to be remembered in nostalgic syndication on TNT.

I hate reruns.

Now I need to find a replacement - something to fill the void - and all the available space on my DVR. Ideas? Suggestions?

Anyone got a tissue?

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Shelley~Maren said...

Oh my gosh! I feel the exact same way! I used to record it on the kitchen VCR (I was the only one who knew how to program the thing!) and watch it before my dad got home from work! He didn't think that show was appropriate. lol

BUT I'm right there with you! I've loved it for like 15 years, and NOW what am I going to do with my Thursday nights?

I do like Grey's Anatomy though, see if you can rent the earlier seasons and play catch-up. It's good. THEN watch Private Practice. Like that too. Otherwise, I don't really have any suggestions... Southland does not look good.