Wednesday and Thursday


Amy walked Jack to school
Finished preparations for the evening's Primary Board Meeting
Made Cookies & Cream Brownies for meeting
Painted Ellie's toenails
Amy picked Jack up at school and Ellie up from the house for an afternoon play date
Cleaned the fish tank
Did 4 loads of laundry - including my sheets
****I have a stash of Gain detergent used exclusively for my sheets. Nate thinks I'm weird, but apparently I am not the only one. He DVRd the following commercial for me: Man with wife in car drives up to a convenience store. Voiceover says she has cravings for Gain detergent when she is pregnant. Man buys Gain and drives home. Wife walks to the front door while inhaling the scent of the detergent. Voiceover says he wonders when the cravings will end, as he carries an older baby up the walk. Yes, Gain (in the green jug) does smell that good.
Addy walked from school to Activity Days
Got kids dinner, showered, and jammied
Drove to stake center for board meeting
The kids kept occupied and Jack ran away only twice
Drove home
Kids went to bed 2 hours late

Breakfast - who knows
Lunch - Jack had EasyMac, Ellie had PB&J (of COURSE I want jam), I had Diet Dr. Pepper
Dinner - can't remember. Probably something out of the freezer. Pizza maybe?


Park day started early so Jack could have a chance to try out his new birthday bike. He's gone from a 16" to a 20" and can no longer sit on the saddle while touching the ground. He's had to figure out a new way to start and stop his bike. He seemed to get the hang of it pretty quickly, although the learning wasn't without a couple nasty spills. What's a new bruise or two for a growing boy?

I walked Jack to school directly from the park and had just returned only to have Ellie come running and screaming - she'd stayed behind to play with a friend. From the sound of her hysteria I thought she'd lost a limb. Nope. She'd just peed her pants. Yes, peed her pants. Now my little Ellie doesn't pee her pants in public. Really, she doesn't pee them at home either. She's too much of a bathroom connoisseur. She loves sitting on the toilet, and flushing the toilet, and soaping her hands, and rinsing her hands, and drying her hands. She'd never choose to miss out on a bathroom opportunity by peeing her pants. I was ready to let her play in her wet clothes (and shoes - yes, the pee ran down her legs into her shoes) until a friend pulled out her son's extra clothes and offered them to Ellie. More likely than not I would've just gone home early and been bitter angry about missing out on park time with my friends. Luckily I didn't have to. Ellie was thrilled to wear Brandon's underwear (yes, she knows they aren't panties) and pants, and I was thrilled to delay dealing with her accident.

After the kids got home from school we loaded back into the car and headed to the doctor's for Jack's TB test read. I was so relieved that Jack believed me when I told him that this would be a simple visit with no shots - after all, last time I told him that the doctor made a complete liar of out me. A quick once over by a nurse and Jack had a clean bill of health.

We stopped at Long's and Henry's for provisions and then it was on to Addy's soccer practice. This time Ellie actually had a chance to unpack and play with her soccer time toys. I sat in a camp chair and took in the nostalgia of the moment. The setting sun, the cooling air, the scent of the cut grass . . . strip away 15 years and it could've been band practice with Mr. Payton. So very glad those days are in the past, although life was much simpler then.

We rushed home after soccer practice and I sent the kids straight to bed. I'm not sure they actually brushed/flossed before bed. Come to think of it, they probably didn't brush/floss the whole time Nate was gone. Cavities are a small price to pay for sanity, right? I had about 20 minutes to clean the house and prepare my provisions for book club. Originally I wasn't scheduled to host, but my accommodating friends were willing to switch things up when I told them I couldn't attend because I don't do babysitters on school nights.

We were up until 11pm discussing "The Glass Castle" - a great read, and timely, especially if you're feeling like a lousy parent. We ate tomato and avocado with fresh mozzarella, grapes, strawberries, and four kinds of cheesecake. Sugar and a good book. Who could ask for anything more?

Breakfast - probably cereal
Lunch - EasyMac for Jack, bagel with cream cheese for Ellie, Diet Dr. Pepper for me
Dinner - McDonalds cheeseburgers and fries

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Kenny and Linsey said...

So, here's a thought...if you didn't also have PTA and Primary Board and Book Club to deal with the same week Nate is out of town, you might have managed to eat something more than Diet Dr. Pepper 4 TIMES last week. You're crazy and amazing and I'm so happy we're friends...why don't we live closer?