Addy had soccer photos at the lake fields smack dab in the middle of Sacrament Meeting. Not that I was planning to attempt 1st hour with all 4 Things by myself. But I did need to be at church for 2nd & 3rd hours - a Primary Secretary's work is never done. So we all got up and dressed, Addy in her soccer uniform and the rest in church clothes, and headed north to the lake. Parking was easier than I expected, considering half the city had their kids on site for picture taking. If only the sun had been as accommodating. We all melted in the heat for lack of shade and Jack made use of the grass for break dancing. Why can't that kid resist the urge to dirtify himself? But eventually all the team members showed up and the pictures were taken.

We rushed back to the car - action made possible by flip flops rather than church shoes (for once I planned ahead) - and drove south to church. Despite the traffic signals conspiring against me, we arrived just as Primary began. The next couple hours went pretty smoothly. 3 of 4 Things were under the supervision of other adults and my rolls were completed satisfactorily.

After church Jack was nowhere to be found. Usually I don't have to search high and low for my kids. They know that if they aren't at the car when I'm ready to leave they risk being left and having to walk 3.5 miles home. Of course this would be the day that Jack decides to put my threat to test. IF ONLY I could bring myself to follow through. Instead I pulled out of my parking space and drove to the far end of the lot to wait for him. I at least wanted him to think I had left him behind. 5 minutes later Jack emerges from the building and doesn't even notice that the car is missing. Instead, he goes about his business playing tag or hide-and-seek or whatever juvenile entertainment trumped his survival instinct. After another 5 minutes of waiting I drove up to the sidewalk where he was playing and slowly rolled by, hoping he would notice. He didn't - not until I rolled down the window and asked if he wanted to walk home. Even then he exhibited no signs of panic. He just casually sauntered to the car and hopped in. Sometimes I wish we lived way back when leaving your kid behind was character building instead of grounds for criminal prosecution . . . he totally would've been walking home.

The rest of the afternoon was spent cleaning out the playroom. Oh yes, I failed to mention that prior to leaving for Addy's soccer photo, the Things refused to spend 10 minutes cleaning up and now faced the consequence of significant toy disposal. Earlier in the morning they didn't believe me when I told them that if they didn't care enough about their toys to take care of them, then they didn't care enough to keep them and I would gladly throw them away. Oh the drama that ensued - serious wailing and gnashing of teeth was surely heard for miles in all directions. And yes, I was glad to do it. How else are they ever to learn? Now I have a massive box of toys to get rid of. I doubt I'll throw them away; more likely the local freecyclers will benefit from my Things' ambivalence to my promise (yes, this time it wasn't an empty threat.)

Breakfast - not sure. I was getting ready for church.
Lunch - Diet Dr Pepper for me. Nothing for the Things. They were stuck in their bedrooms until I decided I wanted them to watch me dispose of toys.
Dinner - can't remember. Obviously nothing that required planning . . . or effort.


Kenny and Linsey said...

Holy cow - not going to lie, I'd have digitally included Addy in the picture and skipped church altogether - you're a rock star. Hope Nate brings you back something really nice!

abm said...

We don't even show up for spots photos. You're a good sport.