Things I've Learned . . .

While living in California (Sept 06 - ??)
  • I’ve learned that too many sunny days in a row make me blue (and sunburned).
  • I've learned that the Santa Ana winds are a cruel joke perpetrated by mother nature.
  • I've learned that keeping cars from parking in front of my house on street sweeping day is almost impossible.
  • I've learned that phenomenal neighbors aren't just a figment of movie imagination.
While living in North Carolina (June 05 - July 06)
  • I learned that just because it’s tried and true, doesn’t mean it can’t be improved upon.
  • I learned that disclosing too much information about the future can make for too many questions.
  • I learned that it’s easier to just pay for a property survey before you build a fence.
  • I learned that brand new Super Wal-Marts are a pleasure to shop at.
  • I learned that it’s harder to remember how old you are as each year passes.
  • I learned that people’s preconceptions of you are usually based on their own insecurities.
  • I learned that lots of color on the walls makes me happy.
  • I learned that using wheat straw to protect your grass seed and help it to germinate will result in wheat growing in your lawn.
  • I learned that you have to prepare for a garden in the fall – spring is too late.
  • I learned that dead trees sometimes leaf out the next year.
  • I learned that red dirt won’t come out of white towels, no matter how many times you bleach them.
  • I learned that composting is too complicated to bother with.
  • I learned that the billing practices of doctors should be regulated similarly to mechanics.
  • I learned that southern BBQ is really just marinated grizzle and fat.
  • I learned that it’s easier to keep matte surfaces looking clean.
  • I learned that just because it’s more ornate, doesn’t mean it’s better quality.
  • I learned that the more detail you give your husband, the more likely he’ll do it right, but also, the more likely he’ll tune you out.
  • I learned that they’re serious when the tag reads “Use only non-chlorine bleach”.
  • I learned that working for GMAC means you can’t enter contests where the prize is a GM vehicle.
  • I learned that running your ceiling fan clockwise in the winter can help to save on your heating bills.
  • I learned that Diet Dr. Thunder tastes better than Diet Dr. Pepper – and it’s much cheaper too.
  • I learned that the postal service greatly benefits from the increase in internet commerce.
  • I learned that convenience is so much more important than looking cool. I drive a mini-van.
  • I learned that it’s easier to do without a rug in the kitchen, even if it would look better with one.
  • I learned that sometimes it’s harder to wait for any news than to deal with bad news.
  • I learned that gasoline will remove paint transfer from a car.
  • I learned that there is something strangely satisfying about cutting down a tree.
  • I learned that getting a second opinion after visiting a pediatric dentist is a good idea.
  • I learned that pediatricians don’t do a good job checking visual acuity.

While Living in Boston (August 03 - June 05)

  • I learned that high-speed internet is a need, not a want.
  • I learned that people who talk a lot don’t have very much to say.
  • I learned that perseverance can give me a headache, but usually pays off.
  • I learned that I really should have bought more Apple stock when it was under $10 a share.
  • I learned that I don’t miss snow in the wintertime.
  • I learned that while the internet makes shopping fun, but doesn’t provide instant gratification.

From my kids . . .

  • I learned that the characteristics that make my kids so hard to deal with right now are exactly what will help to make them successful adults - I hope.
  • I learned that pulling your arms inside your shirt creates a self-imposed straight-jacket, and prevents you from catching yourself as you fall off your barstool. (JACK)
  • I learned that there are a million ways to say no – “I don’t think so . . .” and “No way!” being just two.
  • I learned that to hear a little boy scream like a little girl, you just have to take him to the dentist or the barber. (JACK)
  • I learned that when I say, “just a minute”, they hear “just a second”, and I mean “when I get to it.”
  • I learned that just as April showers bring May flowers, Mayflowers bring Pilgrims. (ADDY)
  • I learned that 3 year boys need to be constantly reminded where it is appropriate to pee.
  • I learned that 3 is definitely harder, but definitely more fun than 2.
  • I learned that I have grown eyes on the back of my head.
  • I learned that you CAN forget what a good night’s sleep feels like.
  • I learned that it’s easier to crawl like a baby on carpet and like an ape on hardwood. (ELLIE)
  • I learned that messy playrooms are no fun to play in, and clean ones won’t stay that way for long.
  • I learned that 3 year old boys think everything is a jungle gym. So do 4 and 5 year old boys. I'm also thinking 6 year old boys will too.
  • I learned that teething babies will bite anything that is put into their mouths.
  • I learned that getting the extended warranty on your computer is a good idea.
  • I learned that kids like veggies if they are sautéed in garlic butter (but really, who doesn’t?)
  • I learned that a child-proof handle on the pantry is a necessity when you are storing chocolate milk mix.
  • I learned that sitting a baby on the check-out conveyor belt at Wal-Mart is not a good idea. (ELLIE)
  • I learned that it’s impossible for a 3 year old to learn a primary song, but they come pre-programmed knowing the cartoon theme songs – Bob the Builder being a good example. (JACK)
  • I learned that love taps from a 3 year old boy feel a lot like beatings, and hugs feel like being strangled. (JACK)
  • I learned that 6 year olds are scarred for life if you throw out a single piece of art work. (ADDY)
  • I learned that by the age of 6, kids already know that “it’s not fair.” (ADDY)
  • I learned that the Tooth Fairy takes Wednesdays off and hasn’t done a good job keeping up with inflation. Apparently, she also vacations in Fiji. (ADDY)
  • I learned that anything is more fun to play with if you can put it into your mouth.I’ve learned that there is such thing as a stupid question.
  • I learned that the answer to the question “why” can rarely be satiated in the mind of a 3 year old. (JACK)
  • I learned that although I want the kids to hear 90% of the things I say, they typically only listen to10%. Unfortunately, it’s usually the 10% I don’t want them to hear (or share at church, school, with the neighbors, etc).
  • I learned that really tired babies can fall asleep standing up. (ELLIE)

From my Mom . . .

  • I learned to “grow where I am planted”.
  • I learned that preparing for a colonoscopy is “really gross”.
  • Finally, I learned that asking someone what they want for their birthday (Christmas, Mother’s Day, etc.) is rarely a good idea.

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nana mary said...

Things I've learned... as I read your delightfully entertaining blog are:
*You are an amazing mom [who needs to augment her diet dr. pepper with some extremely rich chocolate]
*My little darlings are beautiful and bring me undescribable joy.
*I adore you, Nate and 4 amazing little people called "things"