Six years of Spratacus

He's a monkey, he's a clown, he's a charmer, he's the ultimate monster . . . he's Jack Spratacus!

Not 3 months old - now he mostly sleeps through the night and is pretty self-sufficient in the bathroom.

Not 1 year old - although he still climbs on everything.

Not 2 years old - now he's tall enough to ride the scary rides, but he'd rather not scare his heart.

Not 3 years old - he definitely has bigger muscles now. Just ask him.

Not 4 years old - but he still makes faces (and says naughty words), especially to get a laugh.

Not 5 years old - Pj's are no longer acceptable attire on school mornings.

Now Jack is 6 whole years old!

Time flies by, but some things never change. Jack's as crazy and fun-loving as ever. With goofy faces, mischievous giggles, inappropriate jokes . . . some things just get better with age.

Happy 6th to ya, Sprat Man. Here's a hug, squeeze, kiss, hi-five, kaboom (that's exploding knuckles, to you not in the know.) Love, love, love, love, love, love YOU little man!


Kenny and Linsey said...

Happy Birthday Jack!

TeamWalker said...

He is so Cute! Happy Birthday Jack!

Pepper said...

He is so cute! Hope he had an awesome birthday!