Monday and Tuesday

Writing about Monday is almost pointless because I can barely remember for the life of me what happened that day. And it was only 2 days ago . . . I do know I didn't do any dishes, cleaning, or laundry. Ooh yeah - we did go swimming at our neighbor Pam's house. She's the most amazing neighbor ever, and definitely deserves a post of her own.

Also! Sketch rolled over from him tummy to his back for the first time.

Breakfast - couldn't tell ya
Lunch - Easy Mac for Jack, bagel w/ cream cheese for Ellie, Diet Dr. Pepper for me
Dinner - Chicken Alfredo out of a box

I knew Tuesday was going to be a tough one long before Nate left town. It was one of those days where the responsibilities piled high and complications overlapped.

Monday night I had to park the car on the next street over because the city had our street scheduled for resurfacing Tuesday. Because of unavoidable errands I had to make sure my car was available, even though I was a little nervous having it parked on the street all night. We do live in the safest city of its size in the US though, so I guess I really only had to worry about ravens doing target practice.

Ellie, Sketch, and I walked Jack to school then returned home so I could complete the PTA Audit prior to our first association meeting of the year. As soon as Jack and Addy got home from school we rushed to the doctor's for Jack's back-to-school physical. Nervous doesn't begin to describe Jack's reaction to word that a doctor's visit was pending. I assured him that he was up-to-date on all his immunizations and this would just be a quick visit.

I guess I spoke too soon. Jack had never had a TB test before and his school physical form asked for TB test results. The doctor was only too willing to comply - maybe he was in a less than perfect mood after chatting with me in a 5' x 8' room filled with disruptive and disobedient Things. Once Jack saw the nurse with a needle he broke into hysterics. Holding down a 45lb, 45 1/2 inch kid requires more strength and skill than I currently have available - especially when I'm holding another very small kid who screams at all loud noises. The poor nurse . . . oh wait, never mind that. More like poor me. At least she gets paid to deal with stresses like screaming kids and flailing arms and legs. Frankly, I'm surprised we all walked away with bones intact and skin unbroken. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to get Jack back into the office to have the TB injection point read on Thursday . . .

We returned home just in time for a minute or two of homework before having to deal with soccer practice. Without fail, each soccer day comes with, "I can't find my socks", and "Where's my ball?", and "Why do I have to wear a shirt", etc. My patience pool was long dried up thanks to the festivities of Sunday morning - if only someone would invent a "PatiPen" for emergency injections of patience. I alone would keep that company in business.

Somehow we managed to make it back into the car, complete with shirts, balls, and dirty socks (again with that laundry). Jack's practice started at 5:30, and Addy's at 5:45. Unfortunately, their practice fields are 6 miles and approximately 20 traffic lights apart. As it happens, one of Addy's coaches lives near Jack's field and has offered to pick Addy up there and drive her to her own practice. Last week her service was a godsend. Of course this week, she forgot.

I unloaded Things 2-4 for Jack's practice and had Addy stand on the sidewalk to wait for her coach. Minutes passed, Sketch screamed, Ellie unpacked her special soccer toy bag, and my anxiety level rose. Whenever I saw a familiar vehicle I grabbed Addy and ran, knowing that time was running short and her coach would be in a hurry. Yet none of the cars we ran for had the occupant we were looking for. When 5:45 rolled around I gave up hope and with serious exasperation stuffed Ellie's toys back into her bag and threw Things 1, 3, and 4 back into the car. I left Jack at the field and prayed I would be back before his practice ended. 6 miles, mostly red lights, and 15 minutes later I dropped Addy off at her practice, hoping she wouldn't be penalized for her tardiness.

I turned around and headed back to Jack's practice, detouring through Carl's Jr. for a dinner pick-up. Jack finished within minutes of my arrival at his field and I turned around once again to pick Addy up at hers, although she officially wouldn't be done for another 15 minutes. I'm really not used to this much run-around in one day. And yet I want to complicate it by putting Ellie in dance - please shoot me now.

Addy's early pickup was not out of convenience, but rather necessity. Straight from Addy's practice we went to the elementary school for the first PTA association meeting of the year. Typically I would've bagged the evening, except that I had a completed audit that needed to be presented and adopted prior to next week's district meeting.

Things 1-3 were stashed at the back of the MPR room with burgers and juice boxes and I tried to feed an exhausted, inconsolable Sketch while minimizing my disruption of the meeting. Thankfully the PTA president had paid for an on-site babysitter. Not only was my patience pool still depleted, but my stamina reserves were dangerously low. If it hadn't been for friends in attendance who insisted on helping herd the kids to the car, I would've gladly left Things 1-3 to fend for themselves through the night at the school. After all, they'd need to be back for class in just a few hours.

At long last we arrived home - only 2 hours after bedtime. I doubt any of the kids brushed or flossed before bed, but I was too tired to care. It was one night where any nagging concern for cavities was easily shoved out of my head.

Breakfast - cereal, maybe?
Lunch - Easy Mac for Jack, peanut butter (no, I DON'T WANT JAM) sandwich for Ellie, Diet Dr Pepper for me
Dinner - Carl's Jr. big cheeseburgers, juice boxes, apple slices, granola bars (I'm still trying to figure out how I had the wherewithal to plan ahead)


Kenny and Linsey said...

so...when does Nate come back?

TeamWalker said...

it is nice to hear that I am not the only one who looses her mind during all of the loading and unloading and driving, and feeding, and cleaning and PTA and etc................... Good Luck to you!

abm said...

I always love, love, love (NOT), the drive by eatings. We have them at least once a week too. Good times for all.

Kahanu said...

Wow I'm exhausted just reading that! I hope your husband get back soon! I hate the single parent thing too.

blasers said...

we've just begun the 3-kids-in-soccer-2-in-gymnastics-1-in-scouts thing, and i'm starting to realize that being a soccer mom isn't always what it's cracked up to be. but i guess it's great for the kids, so i'll grin and bear it.