And the Thunder Rolls

Rain, rain, come this way, go away some other day.

Early, early this morning I awoke to a sound I thought I had forgotten.


At first I thought I was dreaming. The last time we heard thunder here was, umm . . . can't even remember. Then I figured the glorious sound was a teaser trick played by the weather gods. After all, if Johnny Mountain and Dallas Raines couldn't forecast the noisy dawn, then there's no way it could be accompanied by massive drops of moisture, right?

9am rolls around and I JUMP out of bed, for what do my little ears hear? Rain, rain, and more rain. Odd on so many levels:

Yes, I was still in bed - I've got a 3 month old that doesn't sleep through the night, so cut me some slack. The kids were not unattended as Nate was still home. Again odd, since his alarm went off just after 7am. I guess some work emergencies call for immediate action, even before showering, getting dressed, and heading to the office.

No, I don't usually JUMP out of bed. Not unless a Thing is screaming bloody murder, and even then, it's more of a crawl, or even a drag out of bed.

Yes, I could actually hear real rain. Real massive sheets of drenching, pounding rain. Loud, even over the sound machine I leave on all night long (I have my reasons - multiple reasons.)

Anyway . . . I ran downstairs, giddy to verify with Nate that it's raining, it's pouring, the old man is snoring! As if the deafening sound on the metal roof wasn't enough. I found Things 2 & 3 leaning over the back of the sofa, looking out the window, amazed at the blessed moisture from heaven. I eagerly joined them and we happily stared out the window for the next 2 short minutes. By then it was over.

What a phenomenal way to start a Monday. Too bad Sketch missed his first, although short-lived rainstorm. Little poop - he slept right through it.

P.S. Right after I hit "Publish Post" (10:10 am) the rain started again!!! Sketch got to witness his 2nd ever rain storm.

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Kahanu said...

I love those storms-even if they are short lived! Reminds me of home!