Oh, the weather outside is frightful . . .

. . . or was soon to be anyway. We opted to leave California 12 hours early to beat the rain/snow storms that intended on plowing a course straight up I-15 into Utah. 

We hit the road at 9pm and with a little help managed to drive through the night with only minimal stops.

These puffs should be outlawed - or at least come with a large warning label and a pair of latex gloves. I can only imagine how raw my insides looked after being forced to digest such a incendiary "snack".

Smooth, mouth-watering chocolate . . . such sweet relief from the cheesy burn. I just wish it had come in a bigger size.

The brownies were supposed to go to the families Nate visits every month. Unfortunately for them, our early departure meant deliveries had to be postponed until we got back to California in January.  And since no one likes stale brownies . . . taking them with us was really more an act of service.

We made it to Orem in near-record time, after tag-team drive swapping every 2 hours. A 7:30 am arrival meant I climbed into bed for an early morning nap just as the snow started to fall. Exhaustion from driving all night is SO much better than spending the day crawling along a isolated freeway in near white-out conditions with 4 Things complaining about snacks and seatbelts and movie selections and potty breaks and hands not being kept to themselves.

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