Geneological Evolution

What do you get when you mix

this (viking)

with this (Dane)

and this (Englishman)

and this (Irishman)

and this (Welshman)

and this (German)

and this (Pilgrim)?

You get this!

Thing 2's Kindergarten class presented a heritage fashion show as part of their "Celebrate Us" unit. I opted for the easy route and dressed Jack as a cowboy since the mutt blood Nate and I blessed him with presented a serious complication - imagine a tartan kilt over knickers, complete with lederhosen, a horned helmet, and gold buckles on his shoes. A confusing and unfortunate picture, wouldn't you say? In all fairness, Nate and I both come from authentic cowboy stock (note Grandpa Day's belt buckle & bolo tie), so Jack's costume isn't too far off the mark.

Watch Jack strut his stuff on the catwalk (uh, countertop.)

Cowboy Jack and his beautiful senorita, Julia.
(note the lasso - this zip line is multi-functional)

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