Low-hung Swing

The Things were bored with the backyard (evidently they've grown too old to find satisfaction in simply collecting ants and potato bugs) and we adults were tired of the kids in the house. Easy solution - a new novelty item means instant entertainment. Nate hung this rope swing low to the ground - 12" or so, at my request. I needed to make sure that if the kids fell they wouldn't have far to go before hitting the ground. I admit I also worried about the potential for hittin' a noggin' on the tree trunk, but decided that such a significant right of passage shouldn't be eliminated.

All was well until yesterday afternoon. I was doing dishes (really?) at the kitchen sink while watching the kids play outside. Thing 1 was swinging with unrivaled enthusiasm. She tightly gripped the rope, leaned back, legs fully extended, and soared toes to the sky. In a split second her momentum (and the swing) came to a thudding halt when her head/shoulders/back hit the ground.

She cried, and I tried to stifle my giggles of disbelief before she made it into the house. My foresight was clouded to the possibility of a head hitting the ground while a butt was still on the swing. Oops.

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Linsey said...

Oh Addy! Looks like you might need 2 swings.

And, um, suck it up, take the family picture and send it (or better yet, do a collage from pictures already in your file). You can put a family picture on a postcard (USPS) just as easily as your 2006 triumph.