Christmas (lack-of) Lights

Doesn't Thing 3 make a fabulous, albeit small, Rudolf? Thanks to Thing 2 for sharing his latest Kindergarten creation.

A couple weeks ago we got home from church and Thing 3 asked when the men were going to put lights up on our house. Of course she had noticed the 4 guys with ladders, hard at work across the street, as we pulled out of the driveway earlier that day.

The lovely result of our neighbors' hired help's hard work.

I responded, "We aren't going to have Christmas lights on our house this year, sweetie. 'Cause you remember how Mama drove over them last January - after Daddy worked so hard to take them down and lay them out on the garage floor so he could later roll them up and keep them from getting tangled?"

Yes, I did - over all 7 strands of the lights for which I searched high and low to find the previous year. Strands that were composed of alternating mini-pearl-globe bulbs of red, green, and white - lights that are difficult enough to find I can't even find a photo of them online. If only those little pearl bulbs had been made to support 4300+ lbs of minivan . . . instead, another victim of pregnancy brain lay in pieces on the garage floor.

At least my Moravian star and entry trees were safely tucked away before the shatter-spree commenced.

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