This month in my history

I always look forward to summer being a time of non-eventful relaxation. I must be an enigma for Pavlov since I have very little recent experience with relaxing Augusts. Do they even exist? Read further for more insight:

August 2008
Franklin's blessing brought family to town. We visited the Sawdust Art Festival in Laguna Beach. Very fun, but not without a certain level of stress. If you were here visiting, please don't feel bad. I have learned to tune out many of my personal stress triggers, but translation is still eluding me. And yes, we'd love to have you back anytime.

August 2007
Addison's 8th birthday in July meant her baptism in August. We had family in town (see August 2008.) We attended the Festival of Arts and Pageant of the Masters in Laguna Beach with said family. I was recovering from an unfortunate steam burn incident (please don't boil water in the microwave) and looked like the loser in a prize-fight match. Addy went back to Utah with Nana and Papa, where they held her hostage until her primary teacher was able to negotiate her return home. We (Things 1-3 and myself) went camping at Big Bear with two other moms and a total of 10 kids, and Addy finally learned to ride her bike sans training wheel (peer pressure can be a good thing.)

August 2006
We were living in transition in Utah and California. In June '06 Nate started working at Black & Decker/HHI in CA and our home in North Carolina was listed for sale. Keeping a spotless house with 3 busy kids became too much to handle so we relocated to Utah to be closer to California. Addy took swimming lessons at a water park, Ellie learned to walk, and Jack played soccer - as well as he could from atop Nate's shoulders, anyway. We celebrated our 10th anniversary in different states. Addy entered 2nd grade at her 3rd elementary school (the same school Nate attended as a wee lad). Nate was living out of a really, really crappy hotel and house hunting/ward shopping on weekends. He communicated the precariousness of our situation (i.e., my mental status) well enough that BDK guaranteed our NC mortgage, allowing us to buy a house in CA. With a couple days notice I flew to CA and our pain-in-the-@** buying experience entailed. That story requires a whole post of its own.

August 2005
We were settling in to our new home in North Carolina, we bought a riding mower for our large dirt patch, and we built a fence on our neighbor's property. Addy attended her first soccer camp and was preparing to enter 1st grade at her 2nd elementary school. She and Nate flew to Orlando for a daddy-daughter weekend date at Disneyworld. I was contemplating the consequences of enrolling Jack in a Joy School group (biggest one - I'd have to take turns teaching.) My parents came to visit before heading on to Europe and we traveled with all three kids to Utah for Zach & Carly's wedding.

August 2004
Nate was working as an intern for GMAC in Winston-Salem, NC. He lived out of a one bedroom apartment and slept on an AeroBed. Addy, Jack, and I were living in Boston and Addy was preparing to enter kindergarten. I flew to and from Utah with Things 1 & 2. We celebrated our 8th anniversary in different states. We took a mini vacation to New Hampshire and visited Storybook Land. I purchased Addy's school uniforms only to find out, two days before school started, that she had been reassigned to a different school.

August 2003
We moved from Utah/Texas to Boston. Addy and Jack stayed in Utah with Nana and Papa while Nate and I loaded all our stuff from a storage unit in south Texas into a 25' Penske truck and drove, over the course of 4 days, to Boston. We lost a wheel on the car trailer we were towing, we stayed in crappy hotels, and we spent our 7th anniversary at a truck stop in Connecticut. Then we moved into a teeny 650sf (ish) two bedroom apartment. I flew back to Utah for my super fabulous friend Linsey's wedding and to save the grandparentals from the kiddos.

August 2002
We were still unpacking boxes at our new home in Mission, TX. Nate was working in Mexico and had to cross the border every day. I was hugely pregnant with Jack and I missed Lauren & Joe's wedding in Hawaii because whales aren't allowed to fly.

August 2001
We attended an Olsen family reunion in Sequim, WA and then returned home to CA with family in tow. We attended a taping of the Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno and spent our 5th anniversary at Six Flags Magic Mountain. We took Addy to Disneyland for her very first time and then decided to move from Valencia, CA to Johnstown, PA and sell the town home we had purchased just two months earlier.

August 2000
We were settling into our apartment in Stevenson Ranch, CA. Sounds simple enough, right? Moving to a new state is NEVER simple!

August 1999
We were living in Towson, Maryland and I had a new baby. Really, that should be enough. It wasn't. I also made an emergency trip with 5 week old Addison to Hawaii to see my Grandpa Day who was in the hospital and not expected to live.

August 1998
I graduated from BYU. We house boated on Lake Powell with my family and Nate's little sister, Mallory. I started working full-time at Castle Builders. The school stress was over, but a new kind of stress was just beginning.

August 1997
We were reveling in the space and light of our new rental home in Orem, UT. I changed my major from Construction Management to Economics and then Nate and I jumped out of an airplane.

August 1996
Nate and I got married in the Hawaii Temple and honeymooned on Kauai. The reception was a week after the wedding - BAD idea. We flew back to Utah and settled into our first apartment where we lived as cellar dwellers. We were quickly required to respond to every concern of Leola, our ancient landlady who lived above.

August 1995
I moved my stuff out of a storage unit and into an apartment off campus after spending the summer in Italy and Hawaii. Sounds relaxing enough, right? Except then I had to find a job.

August 1994
I dyed my hair dark brown and moved from the comforts of home to BYU. Where exactly? Well, that wasn't determined until a week or so after I arrived in Utah. The dorms were full so I spent a couple nights with my cousin in her off-campus apartment. I had a rollerblading accident and got lost in Provo (yes it's possible, even with the addresses on a grid), but did manage to find a bed in the 2nd floor common room of Chipman Hall (Helaman Halls).

August 1993
I had a job, attended band camp, and was preparing for my senior year of high school. Yes, that's IT. 1993 was the last August I can remember that was relaxing and relatively uneventful, although now that I think about it . . . band camp was hardly relaxing.

Looking back on the Augusts of my past I can more fully appreciate Geoffrey and the Toys R Us jingle, "I don't wanna grow up . . . "


abm said...

Okay, so when did you start blogging? Really love yours. This is a great way to keep updated with each other and our families. I can't believe you still have almost two weeks before school. How are you surviving?

Pepper said...

Hey Cec! Love your blog! Your kids are all so cute. I loved your August from the past thing. I don't think I could remember what I did every August since 1993. LOL. Glad that life is going well for you and your beautiful family.