It's Been One Week

since our 12th anniversary. We spent it having dinner with Sketch (lucky baby) at what may just be my new favorite restaurant. Who knew you could wear shorts and slippers (flip flops, thongs, . . . whatever) to an upscale, urban chic, minimalistic seafood/Polynesian fusion place? I didn't, but other people did - and they seemed to be quite comfortable in all their southern California under dressed glory.

On to the food . . .

Appetizer - Homemade potato chips are a tasty treat we discovered while living in North Carolina (everything really is better when it's deep fried.) When I saw a more refined version on the menu, a tower of parmesan sweet potato chips with chipotle ranch dressing for dipping, I was intrigued enough to order. The presentation was a whimsical conversation piece (after 12 years you need a little help in that department) and my palate was extremely pleased. Appetizer mission accomplished, I'd say.

Main Course - I'm typically not one for taking chances on fish; cause when it's bad, it's really bad. But I figured it was a special occasion, and we weren't too far from home in case my insides rejected the exotic culinary creation I was to indulge in. So I chose the "opah", a Hawaiian moonfish considered to be "lucky" when it graces the nets of a simple fisherman (lucky for whom?) In this instance I was the lucky one. This crab crusted delight with ginger vegetables, coconut jasmine rice and lemon buerre blanc was yummy, yummy, and more yummy.

Nate had the center-cut filet mignon with garlic mashed potatoes, burgundy gorgonzola butter, and onion strings. A sample of his filet was my first experience with livestock that truly melts in your mouth. This restaurant has ruined me, for I will never be satisfied with another steak again.

Dessert - While not in our original plans because I'm usually too stuffed to comfortably sit after such a divine meal, our waiter talked us into a hot fudge sundae with toasted macadamia nuts for dessert, made even tastier because it was on the house!

On a final note: while reading the menu, I couldn't help but be grateful that Addy wasn't with us - her "FISH ARE FRIENDS, NOT FOOD!" sign really would have been distracting to the other diners.

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