Another "Monster of the Minute"

They keep on comin' in our family. Today's winner is Ellie!

Don't let the coy smile and sprinkling of freckles fool you. This one is a mini-monster with the most-est (and the best disguise). She's above neither fibs nor flattery if it means getting what she wants. She knows exactly which buttons to push and when. For example:

Nana, Mallory, and Austen were here to help out when Sketch was born. Nana helped Jack write out a shopping list for an upcoming trip to the grocery store and he proudly displayed it on the fridge once it was completed. Ellie quietly took note of his achievement and filed the information for later use. She got her chance to attack when Nana announced it was time to clean up the playroom (directly adjacent to the kitchen.) Ellie swiftly pranced over to the fridge, swiped Jack's list, crumpled it up, and declared, "THIS goes in the garbage." Poor Jack . . . so not a happy camper. Ellie was pleased as punch and giggled with glee, thrilled to have done her part to clean up.

Smelly Ellie Bean Machine, I hope you get this out of your system before junior high . . .


Kahanu said...

Hey Cecily
It's Connie Kekauoha! I found your blog through Amber's blog! Congrats on #4! I love the name! Your kids are so cute! I've loved finding old friends with this whole blogging thing! Take care!

Lindsey said...

What a little stinker. But, we all love her anyway. We wish we could have been there for the blessing. Little Franklin isn't so little. I can't believe how big he's getting. Hey are you guys coming out for Thanksgiving?

Pepper said...

I totally think that Ellie and Mimi are kindred spirits. Mimi looks so sweet and innocent, but she sooo isn't. LOL.