10 weeks young

Franklin hit the 10 week mark yesterday. He weighs a little over 12 lbs and is a little more than 24 inches. Don't ask for more specifics 'cause I don't have them. With three other Things running around I'm just lucky I remembered to take him to the doctor to be measured and weighed.

Speaking of the doctor, Sketch had his first round of vaccines last week. I'm pretty sure before the visit he was a happy, or at least content, kid. I'm seriously sleep deprived though, so maybe I'm just imagining that. But I know for a fact that right now he is a little grump. I have to put on a real dog and pony show to get the slightest smile out of him - so still no real verification of double dimples. And he only laughs while he's sleeping. Apparently, my show is lousy and not nearly as entertaining as his dreams.

Maybe it's just coincidence, but I'm thinking the needle poke seriously ticked him off and he still hasn't forgiven me. Or I don't know. Maybe the sleep deprivation has finally lapsed into paranoia. Whatever the reason for his grumpiness I hope it wears off soon, and stays away until he's at least teenager and has real reason to hold a grudge.

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Pepper said...

He is soooo cute Cec!