Today's "Monster of the Minute" Award . . .

goes to Jackson!

After promising three times not to touch anything, he entered the partially-constructed bathroom and ran his finger down a piece of freshly painted trim. He then managed to kick Addison while he was wearing her Heely's, whip Ellie with the vacuum cord, and finally burn Ellie with super-hot shower water. When asked why he was so willing to hurt his sisters he replied, "I don't know why." Well if you don't, Spratacus, then who does??

Jackson really is one of the kindest-hearted 5 year old boys you'd ever meet. He doesn't have a truely mean bone in his body, although you'd never know it if today's actions were your only evidence. He's never met a stranger and many a random cashier has mentioned that he's charismatic enough for politics. More than a little scary if you ask me. I mean, can you ever really trust a man with a pantyhose on his head? A closing comment in his defense - Jackson was willing and eager to profess his apologies to his sisters, and at bedtime his one request was for a gentle hug and kiss to his baby brother.

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