Addison is Nuts! (or is that 9?)

Addy has finally reached that milestone of 9 years breathing. Whew! Sometimes with all the talking she does I'm afraid she'll forget to inhale. Luckily she loves to read, and reading requires a blissful break from the motormouth:)

So, all about Addison. She just finished 3rd grade and can't wait to get right back to it. School really is her element, especially since being placed in the GATE program. She's no longer that one weird kid in her class that wants to play "inventor" instead of "Hello Kitty" or "Pokemon". Instead she's now in a class full of weirdos who are proud of being weirdos and don't care who knows it. I've really been impressed with how kind and supportive of each other they are. You'd figure they'd all be competitive and intense, but rather they cheer each other on and share in each other's accomplishments. Since she'll be with this same group of kids through 6th grade I sure hope the dynamic remains.

Addy's favorite things. As stated above, she loves books. Addy loves stories that most would consider spooky or macabre. Monster House, Harry Potter, Ghost Whisperer, Corpse Bride, Series of Unfortunate Events, etc. Her favorite TV shows deal with the human body, particularly if it is on a medical examiner's slab. She loves to draw, paint, and create sculptures - especially from items salvaged from my recycle bin. She loves fish and sea life - she's gone so far as to take each of her betta to school for sharing. DON'T talk about fish dying or being eaten while she is in the room. Her sad face will quickly appear, along with red eyes and quiet sobs. She's indicated that she plans on being a marine biologist when she grows up, but I've promised her a salt-water aquarium as a dental school graduation gift. She wants one so badly she may actually go that far.

Addy's gifts. She's one smart cookie, a little too smart for her own good, if you ask me. She's an excellent communicator - through drawing or writing, but most particularly through speech. (She gets her verbosity from her father.) Addy also relates so very well to people. She charms the grown-ups and engages the little ones. She makes friends very easily, although I think she may leave them a little confounded with all the talking. She's kind and she's genuine, and she cares about the most important things in life.

You make me proud Addy Paddy Puddin' n Pie. I love you . . .


Kenny and Linsey said...

Happy Birthday to Addy! So happy to see you in the land of blogging. Franklin is cute, well done. How you have 4 kids and a nine year old and managing your now enormous household and doing your own business and are still coherent is mind-boggling, but not at all surprising.

Lindsey said...

We love you Addy!!! I can't believe you're 9. Where does the time go. Cec - I'm so glad you now have a blog. Good way to keep up.

Pepper said...

Happy Birthday to Addy. She sounds like an awesome little person.