Isn't summer supposed to be slower?

I'm so worn out already, and summer isn't even half over yet. I find during the spring that I look forward to the lazy days of summer. Days I can sleep in and hang around the house in my pajamas. Days where I don't have to run errands or attend meetings. Days when the kids are content to play in the backyard or read a book. Why don't those days ever come to past?

I guess I should just be grateful that school's out and my schedule is more flexible. Grateful that I don't have to cut my day short to be home at 2:30pm to meet Addison so she's not waiting at the front door after school. Grateful that pre-school carpooling is done and over with. Grateful that Activity Days are on hold for the summer. But the meetings seem to have increased, thanks to a new calling at church. And the errands haven't been eliminated - I guess you still have to eat during the summer. And for some reason the kids seem to be bored with staying home everyday.

So now I find myself looking forward to school starting again and having some sort of a routine. I'm excited for Jackson to start Kindergarten and for Addy to be in 4th grade. They both love school and I can't seem to keep them academically stimulated on my own - for some reason Hannah Montana and Veggie Tales have gotten old already. I also can't wait to have only 2 kids home during the day. Ellie needs more attention from me and I haven't been able to give it to her lately. Maybe that's why she's become so much louder. And once school starts soccer will start too! So I guess more errands and more meetings will mean more friends for the kids and more quiet time for me. Summer's really not all it's cracked up to be.

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