The new computer blues

I'm currently engaged in a love/hate relationship with this new HP of mine.

First and foremost, I love the speed. It's all about speed with me - no time means no patience. And this brand new processor with ample RAM means no waiting. I love the size of my new screen - who knew how much I was missing with that puny 13" screen on the old IBM? Now I've got 16 diagonal inches for my fabulous viewing pleasure. I love the smooth, silky feel of the touch pad - complete with a scroll bar so my finger doesn't get tired holding down the right-click button. I love the distinct number pad and the speakers - oh my gosh the speakers! I suspect taking advantage of my itunes library directly from my laptop may turn out to be an extremely pleasant listening experience.

But first I have to download itunes. And skype. And my Google toolbar.

As of yet I've only installed one of my printers and that's only because it's new enough it came with a Vista install disk. I haven't tried my photo printer because I think my time is better spent elsewhere (while still neglecting my Things, of course.)

My scanner won't install because a compatible driver can't be found, except that when I try to install an updated driver Vista tells me that the scanner already has the best possible driver. But the scanner software won't open because it doesn't have a driver. And again, and again, and again. I suspect this won't be my only "loop of insanity" problem while dealing with Vista.

I'm also having a problem with Adobe Acrobat 6.0 Standard. Apparently it won't run on Vista. Well, you may ask, what would make Acrobat compatible with Vista? Oh, only a $90 upgrade to version 9.0. Yeah, not doing that.

Then I happen to find some Windows XPS Writer available in my device manager under the printer category. Is this Microsoft's attempt to squash Adobe? I've never heard of it before, and if I haven't then doesn't that mean most people haven't? And if no one else is using it, then what good is it going to do for me? The cynic in me says Microsoft and Adobe conspired to prevent Acrobat 6.0 to work in Vista in an attempt to make more money for Adobe and/or eliminate the .pdf forever. Makes lots of sense, huh? Strangely enough, after the morning I've had that logic makes perfect sense to me.

Oh, and did I mention that I can't find my Office 2003 software disks? I'm starting to think they came with a time sensitive self-distruct feature . . . maybe that's what the dust at the bottom of my file cabinet was . . .

Argh! It's all just another one of those Microsoft money-making conspiracies.

Anyone know how to transer XP from my old faithful IBM?


merathon said...

i also prefer XP to stupid Vista, which is what i've got on the laptop Patrick bought me for Christmas. i asked him why he didn't get it with XP instead, and apparently they charge MORE to do that downgrade! lame. anyway, my adobe acrobat works just fine!

Cecily said...

Yeah - Adobe. It's not the Acrobat reader I'm having problems with. That came free with the computer. Instead I'm having problems with Acrobat writer - the version that lets you create .pdf files. Unfortunately that ability isn't included in the free Acrobat software - they make you pay for it. In so many ways . . .

Shelley~Maren said...

Hey Cecily, you might want to try Cute PDF Writer, it basically installs a PDF printer, that lets you save documents as PDF's when you print to the Cute PDF printer.

Also, you should give Open Office a try, if you can't find your 2003 cd's.

As for transfering XP, most likely, your XP was an OEM version of it, meant just for that IBM, not transferable. (Sorry). I don't like Vista either, and I'll more than likely upgrade to Windows 7 once that comes out later this year. It seems to be slightly less evil. :)

I've been doing Laptop/PC repair and support stuff since 1996 or so, so feel free to ask if you have any other questions!


Heather Parry said...

Hey Cec-

So, we hate Vista too, even though Microsoft pays the bills around here. I can no longer use my scanner and my printer coughs and gasps and asks for an inhaler anytime I try to use it. Having said that, if you need any Microsoft software then I can hook you up! I know you're tempted...:)
Windows 7 (even the beta version) is much more stable and doesn't spit in your face when you ask it to do something so perhaps that would be a better fit for you...and everyone else on earth who is using a PC. Good luck!

The Trotter Family said...

You are asking the wrong girl. I married someone to take care of that for me!