Can't say no . . .

I tried.

I really did.

I wasn't looking for an opportunity to serve my school community. In this school district just increasing the student population is service enough. Enrollment has dropped by 2200+ students in the last three years alone. That, along with a projected budget shortfall of $13 million, has brought about the scheduled closing of 2 local elementary schools.

My Things' school isn't closing. It was originally on the short list for consideration, but was left off the short-short list.

Yay for us! I love our school. It's only 9 houses away and Things 1 & 2 walk most days. The convenience is huge - not to mention the stellar test scores, the engaging teachers, and the active PTA.

And that last one would be my problem.

For the past couple years I've served as Auditor on the PTA board. I took the job as a favor to a friend that moved unexpectedly - a friend who felt some strange moral obligation to find a replacement for her elected position. But now my 2 years are quickly coming to an end - and 2 consecutive years are all you are allowed to serve in any given position. Yay for me!

Unfortunately for me, however, the tenure of the Treasurer is also coming to an end.

A week ago a woman from the 2009/10 PTA board nominating committee called to ask if I would take the position next year. I declined - packing two little kids to the two-a-month early afternoon meetings is a complication I don't want to deal with.

But then I made a fatal mistake.

I told the woman I would consider taking the position if, and only if, they couldn't find anyone else to do it.

I guess that sealed my fate. Why, why, why, why . . . why can't I just say no and leave it at that?

Thanks to my inner-sucker, as of this morning I have officially been guilted into functioning as next year's PTA Treasurer.

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