Wit Quickening?

Love my Addy. And she's a smart one. But sarcasm and witty come-backs have never been her forte. In the last week or so, however, she's been giving me evidence that she might be changing.

Exhibit 1:

Nate was giving Addy a hard time about her height, or more specifically, her lack of height. It was all in good fun, and Addy was not slow to recognize that fact. Nate said things like:

"Don't you think it's gonna be embarrassing to go on your first date to Disneyland and not be able to ride on the big kid rides?"


"Do you think it would be helpful to carry a step-stool in your backpack?"

Addy giggled and fake punched her dad's arm, and then on a dime, her demeanor changed and with a calm, confident voice she said:

"Well Dad, it's not like I get my height from Mom."

Point 1 for Addy.

Exhibit 2:

Again with Nate. This time he was critiquing her food choices:

"Eww, this is gross. Why would you want to eat it? This tastes like crap!"

Without skipping a beat Addy responded:

"Really Dad? You know what crap tastes like?"

Point 2 for Addy.

This girl has always made me proud. But now she's making me boastful.


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The Trotter Family said...

Love it! I need to learn from her. I always think of come backs the next day!