Line Rider Versus One-Eyed Giant

by Jackson Mangum, Grade 2

There was a race that was happening at Line Rider Town. It was one of the most challenging races in the entire world. Line Rider was teamed against One-Eyed Giant from Giant Town. Line Rider was using his sled for the race. One-Eyed Giant was using his fork, spoon, and knife. Whoever won would get whatever prize they wanted: Line Rider would not get eaten by One-Eyed Giant, One-Eyed Giant would have a nibble by eating the entire town! The race was about to begin. The checkered flag went down and the race began! No one seemed to see who was in the lead. They were side by side! The race took days and nights. It was a lap around the entire world! About the same time a volcano erupted! And Line Rider and One-Eyed Giant were a mile away! Lava was bursting out into the air. When the lava reached Line Rider Town it almost destroyed town hall! But One-Eyed Giant and Line Rider were finally friends! The race was almost now finished. Was this a tie? Was One-Eyed Giant the winner? Was Line Rider the winner? Wow! It was too close. We don't even know who won? Line Rider was nervous. When everyone was not looking - gulp! That was the end of Line Rider town. One-Eyed Giant got his nibble.

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