Currently running through my head

Life-sized hanging man-form in spider cocoon - $20
Almost life-sized skeleton suspended in a 7' spiderweb - $10
4 large foam tombstones - $14
9' fabric spiderweb - $7
Skeleton "Haunted House" sign - $5
36" spider - $4
Scary music CD - $3
Snickers snack sized candy bars - $10
5 pumpkins for carving - $12 + $12 for a farm field trip that yielded the 5th pumpkin
2 black light bulbs - $1/1, the other borrowed
5 strobe lights - borrowed
1 fog machine - borrowed
2 large suction-cup spiders - borrowed
A selection of other spider, skeleton, & blood themed decorations - leftover from previous years
7 trick-or-treaters - thoroughly underwhelming.

Halloween candy doesn't taste nearly as good as I remember it tasting when I was a kid. It's definitely not worth the guilt it brings on.

And finally . . . I don't want to decorate for Christmas!


Linsey said...

We had 7 trick or treaters too, but no decorations. I think you were robbed.

The Trotter Family said...

Come on, Christmas is WAY more fun to decorate for. It is pretty and sparkly and the music is fun!

Mommy said...

We had a great time with more trick or treaters than seven, but no decorations. But it could be because of the tropic breeze and the full moon shining on the entire street, OR having five families seated at the end of our driveway to give candy away. We had a soup/salad potluck earlier in the garage. Then the women took the candy to give away (and eat) while the men stayed in the garage and talked!!

Lauren, Joe, Sidonie and Violette said...


You need a blog.


Live Well, Laugh Often, Love Much said...

All that for 7 trick or treaters! But that is so neat to put all of that together. I'm sure your kids had lots of fun. What a fun mommy! Can't wait to hear what you're doing for Christmas : )