Coming off the sugar high

Need evidence that my pantry has significantly fewer treats than my in-laws'? Just walk in and feel the fine grains of white sugar crunch under your feet. 

Apparently one of my Things needed a fix so bad they went for the pure stuff. What's next? Intravenous high fructose corn syrup? My little addicts are in serious need of an intervention. 

I'm hoping a child-safe knob cover for the pantry door and mean-face threats of extreme punishment for any vermin/insect infestation is enough. Any other ideas?

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nana mary said...

It is well known that "Nana" and "Treat" have become synonymous.
Perhaps next time my little darlings arrive I could entice them with whole wheat unsugar cookies, banana pops rolled in flaxseed and instead of swedish fish, utah carpbites...or not.